Sharon Sebrow

Selling on Etsy

web of troubleI have finally decided to sell some of my quilts on Etsy.

I’ve been opposed to it for a few reasons, the biggest being that I just didn’t have the heart to part with any of my creations. But a friend and I got to talking and she made me realize that these quilts were not doing anyone any good sitting in a dark corner of my sewing room for years.

The first 4 are on the site. Each of these have been published either in national quilting magazines or from my book, Kaleidoscope the Smart Way. Each of the quilts will be accompanied by a signed copy of the publication it appeared in.

I plan to include some of my knitted dog sweaters that were created for my book, Seamless Knits for Posh Pups very soon.

I had a great time making them, and with a little extra space in my sewing room, I’ll have a great time making more.

So please spread the word to quilt enthusiasts and dog-sweater enthusiasts – my etsy shop is SHARONSEBROW.