Sharon Sebrow

My Knitting To-Go Bag

My knitting To-Go bag, which I affectionately call my “Goodie Bag”, is filled with everything I would need for my knitting when I am out of the house.

Whenever I am out, whether a workshop, knitting circle, or even to a LYS (Local Yarn Store) for shopping, I notice many people are without their basic supplies needed for knitting. I thought I’d share what is in my personal goodie bags for when I leave the house (or even switch rooms) with my knitting.

Not to be confused with the Project Bag – A large zippered tote bag, which holds my yarns, pattern, interchangeable needle pack, buttons for the project, etc., as well as my Goodie-Bag.

Let’s talk about the bag itself. I love a transparent bag that holds everything I need. If you prefer those divided, zipped-pocketed types of bags – that’s great! I am too cheap for anything quite so cool. I use an inexpensive clear make up bag. My main goodie bag has one main pocket with a zipper and an outside pocket that is open. My second goodie bag is strictly for flying. It came inside the larger bag as a set. It is a tight mesh (nothing falls out, but you can see everything through the fabric) Everything in this bag is either plastic or wood and there are no scissors or anything metal.

As I work on a project, my goodie bag often ends up containing extra needles, markers, etc. so I try to reorganize after each project is completed and start the next project with a fresh bag.

Here’s what I keep in them:

  1. Needle/hook and stitch gauge
  2. Retractable Tape-Measure
  3. Tapestry needle
  4. Crochet hook
  5. Cable needle
  6. 8 Removable stitch markers (in 4 colors)
  7. Needle tip protectors (keeps the stitches on the needles)
  8. Waste Yarn (small ball of thin, smooth yarn)
  9. Stitch Counter
  10. One size-3 double pointed needle (for picking at knots)
  11. 2 Stitch holders
  12. Pencil/Pen
  13. Pad
  14. Only in my Main bag, you’ll find the following non-flight items:

  15. Scissor
  16. Threaded sewing needle (for threading beads and sewing on buttons)

When I am working on a project, this bag will go in the project bag at all times. Now I have everything I need, no matter where I go to knit!