Sharon Sebrow

30 Minute Duvet Cover

Recently, my daughter asked for a duvet cover to match her room. I couldn’t believe how expensive these things are.So, I found two sheets in my linen closet that worked for her, grabbed her current blanket, and headed down to the sewing room.

Step 1- Measure the blanket and cut your sheets down to 3″ wider, leave approx. 9-12″ of the length. When you are cutting to size, pinthe nicely hemmed top edge together, cut away the finished edges along the sides and bottoms of the sheets.

Step 2- Sew sides and top seams.Using 1/2″ seam allowance, sew raw edges of the sheets; the side seams and the top seam edge. (The pinned, hemmed edges are left for the opening at the bottom of the duvet.)Cover the raw edges with either surged stitching or zig-zag.

Step 3 – The bottom edge.Measure from the top seam the length of the actual blanket 2″ and mark. Still inside out, remove pins along the bottom edge and, at the marked point, fold the edges over like you were going to hem a pair of pants. Pin around to hold in place.

Open the side seams flat or push seam allowances in opposite directions so you can line the seams up, sew from the bottom edge of the fold, up the seam to 1/2″ or so from the hemmed edge of the sheet, sew across the width of the sheet you want to be the top sheet of the duvet, and then sew back down the other side seam to the folded edge. Do not sew the second, under-side, width. (See illustration). TURN RIGHT-SIDE OUT.

Step 4 – Buttons and button holes.Measure across the width of the duvet and divide that by 7. This will be distance between the buttons/holes.Approx. 1/3 –3/4 of the wayup from the bottom foldto the top-stitched seam, measure and mark the button holes from one side seam to the other side seam, using the calculation for the separation distance. (There should be 5 button holes.) Sew the button holes at each marking and cut open the holes.

Lay the duvet flat with the unsewn section folded neatly in place, inside. Mark the button locations through the open button holes and sew buttons in place – only through theonelayer.

Step 5 – Insert blanket. Place your blanket in, holding the top corners of the blanket in place and smoothing it evenly down to the bottom inside the under-side’s fold-over. Button the buttons and make your bed!

It was so quick and simple, I plan to make more of these. I’ll save moneyby using flatsheets that havebeen sitting around for years, never used, and it’ll breath new life into worn and torn blanket / comforters that have been used for years!