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Braided Knit Headband

Thought I’d start out talking about my latest project. My daughter asked for a headband to keep her head warm when she is walking in the city. I made a knitted cable-braid that buttons closed. Unfortunately, the yarn was too fine and doesn’t give the warmth she was looking for. Good thing I have more yarn! I’ll be redoing it but doubling the yarn.

The pattern is so easy,

Cast on 15 stitches, and repeat the following 8 rows until the headband is 19-20″ long.

Row 1: k15

Row 2: K3, p9, k3.

Row 3: k3, sl next 3 sts to cable needle and hold in front, k3, k3 from cable needle, k6.

Row 4: K3, p9, k3.

Row 5: k15

Row 6: K3 p9, k3.

Row 7: k6, sl next 3 sts to cable needle and hold in back, k3, k3 from cable needle, k3.

Row 8: K3, p9, k3.

Work in Garter (Knit all stitches every row) for 5 or 6 rows.

I added 2 small buttons on the corners of the beginning end of the headband, and just pushed them through between the stitches on the garter end to ensure a proper fit.

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